Graceful Braids Tips For Usage

Follow these easy Steps:
Shake contents well before each use
Apply to scalp daily   
Massage vigorously using pads of fingers, 
Use Boars head brush to stimulate scalp, remove dead cuticles, and distribute elixir throughout hair and scalp evenly,
Sleep in silk cap nightly * Do Not brush braids, twist, or locs  

Natural hair, braids, twist, waves, spirals, bi-racial textures
Use elixir 2x daily, AM-light use, PM-use, apply elixir to scalp, massage, brush hair, Braids, Locs, twisted styles-massage into scalp only! DO NOT BRUSH! Cover head in silk cap, bonnet or scarf 
Recomended: Each morning Spray leave-in conditioner over entire head and go! 
*blow dry (optional)  

Proper Usage: Non-Black ethnic groups follow these steps
Compatible with any shampoo or conditioner, (Does Not strip color) 
Mix 3-tbsp elixir with favorite conditioner, apply to hair and scalp, (after shampoo) *double for longer hair
Gently massage, distribute from scalp to ends,  allow 2-min. of saturation
Cover hair with plastic cap, use heat from blow-dryer, or hooded dryer, 90-secs. this will activate oils, relieve itch, promote healthier hair/scalp, increase body, bounce and shine. Rinse hair in cool water, blow-dry, style.

For Severe damages:
Chemical-perms, Installs, color-treated, Braids, thinning edges or crowns, most breakage, wiry grays and split ends.  
Add 3-tpsb. of elixir to both shampoo/conditioner, Let stand for (3-5 min) massage, hair and scalp gently
Be sure to cover each strand of hair down to ends,
Cover head with plastic cap, hood-dryer med-high heat for 20-min.   
Rinse using cool water, blow-dry, style, remember to hydrate! (drink 6-8 glasses of water daily)

Leave-in Conditioning Spray
Spray entire head until moist, massage and go... DO NOT RINSE
GracefulBraids Leave-In conditioning spray contains a healthful collection of natural ingredients that protect hair cuticles and the skin. 
NO sulfates, No Parabens, No Gluten, No Synthetic Fragrance, No Synthetic Color, No animal testing and No Propylene Glycol. 
Promotes naturally moisture-rich hair, fresh scalp, vibrant color protection.  Cuticles remain soft and smooth. Organic moisturizers protect hair from heat damage as it softens dry brittle hair and mends split ends naturally. Helps to balance pH, releief from: shedding, dry itchy scalp, dullness and thinning limp hair. Works well on... curly, straight, natural, relaxed and color treated strands. Resulting in soft, moisturized, shiny, rich color hair that becomes healthy and easy-to manage!   

Safe for all hair textures, women, men and children. Keeps hair hydrated, absorbs quickly without weighing down. 
Excellent for human hair installs, braids and synthetics.  
*blow-dry for styles using flat-irons or curling wands

Bald Heads & Beards Paste  

All Natural and Organic, No sulfates, No parabens, No gluten, No synthetic fragrance No synthetic color No Propylene Glycol, No chemicals!  

Specifically blended to safely target a myriad of healthy solutions  naturally. Organic ingredients infused with vitamins A, E, & D. promote skin clarity and health, decreasing dark blotches/scars. Grapeseed, a natural shaving lubricant  tightens skin, restores collagen, and reduces razor irritation.  Black Seed is a anti-inflammatory that attacks bacteria and fungus on the skin, soothing inflamed follicles  as it conditions and unblocks pores. Softens wiry ingrowns for easy removal.  Organic shea, moisturizes the skin, scalp and beard hair.  Baldheads & Beards paste will help you achieve a moisture-rich beard, a                                      healthy vibrant scalp and soft smooth skin.  Safely restores as it conditions (all textures) 


                                 Cover baldhead and beard with warm towel, (approx. 60-seconds) apply paste onto palms 

                                 massage into scalp and beard daily, brush beard hair to tame and soften wirey hairs, boost luster. Clip unruley strays 

                                 Mist lightly with leave-in for additional maintenance.   

GracefulBraids, Llc PO box 428779, Cincinnati, OH 45242
Trademarked and registered, made in U.S.A , store products at room temperature
N0 Chemicals, paraben-free, may be enjoyed by entire family