What are you currently using on your Hair and Scalp ... Not sure?   

Damaged hair can become dry, brittle, dull, thin and patchy, which doesn't occur overnight! 

Let GracefulBraids,LLC help rewrite your hair and scalp story. Our all natural Organic products promote soft, beautiful, moisture-rich radiant hair. Natural nourishment for healthy hair and a smooth vibrant scalp.


GracefulBraids elixir contains a holistic blend of Natural and Organic ingredients that promote healing for hair, scalp and skin without harsh chemicals
NO sulfates, No Paraben, No Gluten, No Synthetic fragrance, NO Synthetic Color, No
Propylene Glycol and No animal testing! 
Helps relieve dryness, brittle, dull, thin, patchy damaged cuticles. For all hair textures! Curly or straight, natural or relaxed, safe for color treated hair, enhances without stripping color. Repairs thining edges, restores and conditions resulting in strong moisturized hair, rich color, soft, shiny, easy-to-manage cuticles and healthier braids or locs.  
GracefulBraids elixir is chemical free and safe for the entire family.  Holistically blended Baldheads and Beards paste is made from natures best! use for dry itchy scalp, ingrowns and razor irritation. Helps achieve clearer skin and a smooth scalp! 
Use liberally in bath or shower as part of your daily health and beauty regimen. Compatible with all shampoos and conditioners. Healthy and safe for women, men and children. 
Products made in USA and Never tested on animals! (cruelty Free)  

Organic Coconut- Reduces protein loss, retains moisture, softens, diminishes split ends, assist pH balance

Organic Black Seed- Anti-inflammatory, soothes, conditions, attacks bacteria and fungus, assist regrowth
Organic Shea- Naturally moisturizes skin, hair and scalp
Organic Golden Jojoba- Removes build up, unblocks pores, 
Organic Extra Virgin Olive- coats damaged cuticles, reduces dandruff naturally

Natural ... 
Almond- Nourishes and revitalizes hair and skin
100 percent Avocado- Antioxidant, rich in vitamins A, E, D. supports hair, scalp and skin health

Vitamin E- Diminishes dark blotches/scars, stretch marks, boost circulation, Blocks free radicals  
Grape seed- Natural shaving lubricant, tightens skin, restores collagen 

Rosemary- Strengthens cuticles, stimulates follicles, promotes growth, treats dry scalp shedding and slows graying process! 

Lavender- Reduces Stress and anxiety, supports immune system, eczema, psoriasis and impedes hair loss 

Shake contents well before use: Organic Coconut and Shea are naturally solids.
Place bottle under warm water if product solidifies, shake vigorously, continue beauty regimen.