All Natural, Organic Hair & Scalp Elixir
No Chemicals! No Animal Testing! Safe for the entire family

The Best Choice in All Natural Hair Care Products . . . Lifting the Mind, Body & Spirit

GracefulBraids,LLC Organic Hair & Scalp Elixir Co., specializes in All Natural products that promote nourishment to the hair, scalp and skin. Every head of hair and scalp has a story to tell . . . What is your story?

Do you have a clear expectation to use products without harsh chemicals that are safe for you and your entire family? 

If you answered Yes... our products are for YOU!

If your hair texture is curly, straight, kinky, bi-racially blended, wavy-spirals, frizzy, or super course, showing signs of split ends, dullness, thinning, limp, or completely bald? Try our Chemical-Free products! Hair texture and its coil are attributes from genetics. Many issues are direct results from decades of using products containing chemicals. Other damages occur from hair dyes, improper color applications, extreme heat treatments, hard water, sun exposure and unprofessional braid-extenions and installs. Also glue, daily flat ironing, extreme blow-dryer use, shampoo stripping, medication, an unbalanced pH and finally stress! Our organically blended ingredients provide an all natural solution without chemicals, Delivering a safer, healthier choice in protecting your hair, scalp and skin.   

No sulfates, No parabens, No gluten, No synthetic fragrance, No synthetic color, No propylene glycol,  

Regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age every consumer deserves soft smooth skin, a healthy vibrant scalp, moisture rich color, and hair that is healthy, shiny and easy to manage.  At GracefulBraidsllc, All Natural Organic Hair & Scalp we provide exclusive products using all natural, organic ingredients and pure essential oils specifically blended to target a myriad of damages. Treat your hair, scalp and skin to safe chemical and cruelty free products! The best choice is a naturally organic solution. 
*use daily in or after bath and shower as part of your health and beauty regimen!  
*compatible with all shampoos and conditioners